The headquarter of Ebara Corporation is located in the Daejeon area of Tokyo, Japan, it designs and manufactures social infrastructure and industrial machineries, and was listed in the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is also the parent company of Elliott that produces compressors and steam turbines, whose businesses are focused on wind and water powered machinery industry, environment industry and sophisticated electronics industry.

Company Name

Ebara Corporation

Common Name


Head Office

Haneda 11-1, OTA, Tokyo, Japan (zipcode: 144-8510)


81-3-3743-6111 (Switchboard)

Established In

Nov 1912

Established In

May 1920

Paid-in Capital

79 billion Yen (Until Mar 31st 2018)

Number of Staff

Merging accounts: 16566 persons (as of Mar 31st 2018)

Non-merging accounts: 3921 persons (as of Mar 31st 2018)

Net sales

Merging accounts: 509 billion Yen (as of Mar 2018)

Main products and services

Wind and hydraulic machinery corporate:pump, compressor, steam turbine, cold and heat business, blower

Environment business corporate(Environment business): city waste incineration facility, industrial waste incineration facility, water treatment equipment

Precision electronics business corporate (Precision electronic business): dry vacuum pump, CMP equipment, plating equipment, exhausted gas treatment equipment

“Ahead” means “one step ahead of others”, “Beyond” means “surpass all the competitors”. We have promised our customers that, as the core enterprise leading the industry, Ebara Corporation has always been focused on the forefront of this time to provide the products and solutions beyond clients’ expectation and imagination.

Additionally, what lies in“Ahead, Beyond” is our corporate spirit of “never be satisfied with the present and always go for a higher objective”

The comma that connects“Ahead”and“Beyond” is designed as an image that is indomitable and dynamic, in order to present a corporate spirit of courage and the will to reform, the color of crimson represents passion and the“connection”with the customers. The refreshing blue for the texts represents the “intellectuality”of diversified collaboration and the vibrant spirit for upcoming challenges. 

The members of Ebara follows the entrepreneurship and always interact with all stakeholders with passion and honesty. The mission for our business activities is to contribute to the society by providing quality products and services related to water, air and environment. It demonstrates our corporate philosophy.

As defined by Ebara's CSR policy that when we carry out this mission, we conduct our business activities in accordance with high ethic standards to establish good trusted relationship with all stakeholders. This is the social responsibility of Ebara.