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New product brings new technical benefits

Our new products mainly include industrial control software system and hardware devices. Our technical and product innovation are mostly focused on boiler control, pump control, waste incineration burner control and industrial remote monitoring systems. Our company has acquired tremendous economical benefits from the market by independent research and development, the sales number for the past 3 years increased year over year, the economical benefits generated by new products and new technology account for over 35% of the total sales.

These new products and new technologies created not only the economical benefits, they also brought significant social benefits in terms of energy saving and environment protection. For example, the waste incineration burner flame image processing system developed by our company addressed the technical challenges of waste treatment and exhausted gas emission, which enabled the combustion automatic control of the burner and increased the adequacy of waste combustion in order to render the effect of energy saving and environment protection. The achievement has been successfully applied to a number of places in Japan and multiple sites in Huhehaote.

Acquired core or key technologies

As a high-tech enterprise, the key technologies are the corner stones of a company's survival and development. Our company has acquired some core technologies in several areas, including boiler controller, intelligent water supply control, industrial remote monitoring system, waste incineration image processing, the technical level is already in the leading class domestically, or on the equivalent advanced level internationally. 

Ultra-low Nitrogen Boiler Controller

• <30Mg/m³ ultra low nitrogen oxides emission burning control

• Characters LCD human-computer interaction, dynamically display the health of the boilers

• Multiple functions including automatic blow and sweep, electronic ignition, adjustment on wind/gas ratio and flame failure protection

• Unattended, multiple protection measures for water shortage and excess temperature, able to run safely without pressure

• Optional feature for number control and energymanagement system, which is an overall energy saving solution with high efficiency

• Equipped with data collection and remote monitoring interface

• 3 utility model patents

Ultra-low Nitrogen Boiler Controller
Remote monitoring cloud platform and data collection gateway

• 100+ PLC proprietary protocols

• IO/Edge computing

• PLC remote debugging

• WEB configuration

• Delicacy management tool(after-sale management, device management, energy consumption management, procedure management)

• Big data analysis tool

• 1 patent of invention, 5 software copyrights

Remote monitoring cloud platform and data collection gateway
Waste incineration image processing system

Waste incineration image processing system

• Core algorithm for incineration end point identification

• 2 patent of invention

• 1 utility model patents

• 5 software copyrights

Waste incineration image processing system
Independent intellectual property status

Our company pays a lot attention on create and protect its own independent intellectual property to continuously improve the technologies and added values. We have acquired a number of independent intellectual properties in the areas of boiler control, intelligent water supply control, waste incineration burner control, industrial remote monitoring system, and gained certain technical advancement in this industry. Now, we have acquired 3 patents of invention, 11 appearance patents, 7 utility model patents and 29 software copyrights. Besides the patent applications, we have competed the registration for our scientific and technical achievements from a number of finished projects, and contested for the scientific advancement awards of Qingdao. 

- 2 patent of invention
- Utility model
- Exterior design