Control mode and  flow:

Manual mode: directly control the start and stop of water pumps via buttons

Automatic mode: It controls the start and stop of the water pumps as the following flow chart, with pumps shifted startfunction.

Remote mode: control the system start and stop via a remote controlling switch, its process is the same as the process for automatic mode.

(Also can realize IOT online control through using an optional gateway product.)

Product Features:


Shell dimension W229*H370*D120(unit:mm), with 3 fixed holes. Can be fixed on the platform and can be installed on the wall; Design protection level is IP67 to ensure the system runs smoothly and safely.

2、Quick check of system status

When the system is running, it shows voltage and current value in real time, and you can quickly obtain the current system status information by the status light, alert light and the buzzer on the panel. 

3、One-key setting function

When the pumps run normally, memorize the present pump current as pump rated currentthrough a button. Calculate no-load current, over-load current, etc. and keep them as settingparameters.

4、System alarm monitor

When the system is powered on, it checks the phase sequence; During the system running, monitor the pumps current, power voltage and water levels. When there is any warning orerror, it keeps an audible and visual alarm and acts protection.

5、Remote monitoring and control function

Supply pumps remote start/stop and running alarm node signals, and support standardModbus communication protocol. In addition, it can realize IOT online monitoring and controlfunction by using an optional data collector module.

6、Wide range of  pumps power

Could set water supply control mode or drainage control mode by parametersset. The controller can directly load pumps with the capacity of 7.5 kW or below,and for pumps with the capacity above 7.5 kW, the control function can be realized through extending MCC cabinet.

1、Suitable for scenarios of domestic water supply or industrial water supply from water tanks

2、Suitable for scenarios of industrial drainage and domestic drainage

3、Able to supply water under stable pressure together with buffer tanks

4、Remote monitoring function