All-in-one design of driving and controlling

◆ Perfect combination of water pump inverter driving and logical control

◆ Installed directly on the pump, which is concise and beautiful

◆ IP66 protection, 4g shock proof, could be placed outdoor or in special environment directly.

Unique energy saving technology and intelligent algorithm

◆ Unique pumps adding and subtracting algorithm which enables the pumps to work in an optimal efficiency range

◆ Innovative automatic pumpsshiftalgorithm that balances the operational load and extends system service life.

◆ Particular terminal pressure presumption and micro flow rate algorithm used for precisely control the exit terminal pressure.

◆ Perfect combination between PID and fuzzy control for ensuring the pressure reach to objective fast and steadily.

Remote monitoring extension function

◆ Reserved remote data access interface

◆ Able to capture pump operational data remotely by optional  gateway module

◆ Centralized monitoring platformbased on cloud maps

◆ Deployment and service that could be based cloud computing